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Swissinnov has set its mission as to turn innovative ideas into reality. The innovation itself may come from different ways such as the result of a simple observation or from long and complex researches. But whatever origin it comes from, innovation is admittedly seen as a vital part of a company life when looking to expand into new markets, to acquire new clients and to differ from its competitors.

Innovative companies invest in human capital and ideas. To meet and to satisfy the needs and requirements of such companies, Swissinnov offers an extended range of tailored services. Thanks to its important international network, Swissinnov has the capability to assist companies to fully develop their business at different levels.

Swissinnov operating activities cover the following fields:

  • Consultancy in innovation
  • Engineering and product development
  • Business development
  • Development and commercialization of fluid pumps NaoPump

Swissinnov client portfolios are multinationals companies in manufacturing, finance and government agencies. Due to the high quality level and confidentiality of the services it delivers, Swissinnov takes everything to protect the privacy of its business networks.


“A person who has never made mistakes has never tried to innovate” - Albert Einstein



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